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Fujian Huanyutong Technology Co., Ltd IP Emergency Call Intercom Good wishes to you on Dragon Festival

2019-06-04 17:02:38

         Fujian Huanyutong Technology Co., Ltd IP Emergency Call Intercom Good wishes to you on Dragon Festival.Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Dragon Boat Festival, chongwu festival, noon day festival, Dragon Boat Festival, zhengyang festival, bath orchid festival, day festival, etc., is one of the four traditional festivals in China.Dragon Boat Festival originated from the worship of the celestial sign, evolved from the ancient times of dragon worship, the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival contains profound cultural connotation, in the inheritance and development of rich historical and cultural deposits.Dragon Boat Festival custom to pray for good luck and auspicious, pressure evil hustle disaster and other forms, rich and colorful content, lively and festive.Praying for luck and auspicious customs mainly have dragon boat and worship dragon, pressure evil hustle disaster customs mainly have wormwood hanging, immersion dragon boat water, wash herbal water, tie five color line, festival food mainly zongzi, five yellow and so on.Dragon Boat Festival through a variety of traditional folk activities, not only to enrich the people's spiritual and cultural life, but also to inherit and carry forward traditional culture.


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