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Academician Zhang Jianwei From The Hamburg Academy Of Sciences Visited Huantoutong

2019-11-18 10:21:57

On November 15th, Academician Zhang Jianwei of the Hamburg Academy of Sciences, accompanied by the staff of the Quanzhou Equipment Manufacturing Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Haixi Research Institute, visited our company. Chairman Xie Jianhua of the company introduced the general situation of our company and the application and solutions of the company's artificial intelligence products in the fields of intelligent medical care, smart security, Internet of things, etc. Zhang Academician gave the company an active exploration in the field of artificial intelligence application. Affirmation and valuable guidance in marketing and technology development.


Zhang Jianwei, academician of the Hamburg Academy of Sciences, special expert of the National Thousand Talents Program, is currently the chief scientist of the “Trans-modal Learning” of the Sino-German Joint Research Center. Over the years, Zhang Jianwei has been engaged in and led the research and development of intelligent robots' perception, learning and planning, multi-sensor information processing and integration, robotic intelligence technology, and multi-mode human-computer interaction. Hosted several major studies such as the German Science Foundation Key Project, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and Industrial Cooperation Projects, and the European Union ICT. He has published more than 300 papers and monographs, and has won several best paper awards at international conferences. He has more than forty invention patents on robots and artificial intelligence. It has a wide range of influences in the smart robot industry worldwide and among Chinese professionals in Europe.


Founded in 1999 in Quanzhou, a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, Fujian Huanyutong Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, a scientific and technological enterprise in Fujian Province, and a leading company in science and technology. For 20 years, the company has always focused on intelligent solutions based on “audio and video intercom”. The “MEEYI Meiyi” series products designed, developed, produced and sold independently are smart cities, smart communities, safe campuses, digital medical services. Informatization prisons, banks, military, roads and bridges, service industries, etc. provide professional intercom solutions. Over the years, the company has insisted on in-depth cooperation with domestic top research institutions and universities including the Chinese Academy of Sciences on product development and application, and is committed to building a harmonious society.

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