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Wireless Calling System For Restaurant Gateway Accessories Signal Repeater

Wireless Calling System Signal Repeater Signal Enhancer

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Y-Q4 wireless signal enhancer

It is used in model receiver and transmitter, when there is a long distancebetween the receiver and transmitters, which means that  the distance between receiver and buttons are more than 200 meters, we can use Y-Q4 to enhance the signal.


Main features

1. Signal repeater is used to enhance the signal further for model receiver and transmitter, when 

    the distance is over 3000 metres  between receiver and pager or the wall obstacle between


2. The better place for it to be installed is in the open area,or the  linear distance between the

    receiver and the pagers.


How does the Wireless Calling System work?

1. When customers need service, all they need to do is to press the wireless calling button on their table to call the waiters.
2. Then wirelesss calling reciever / wrist watch receiver will display the calling message with ringtone. Waiters will go to serve the customers promptly.


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Working Voltage: DC12V~15V

Transmitted Current: 150mA

Use Frequency: 315MHz±75k

Transmitted Power: ≤30mW

Received Sensitivity: 106DB

Dimension: 220mmx135mmx48mm

Transmitted Distance: 3000 M in open area 

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