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Presale Wireless Calling System Transfer Signal Gateway

Detector gateway used to transfer wireless signal to wired signal, connecting wireless calling system with IP calling system.

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Presale Wireless Calling System Transfer Signal Gateway


W810-G1 Detector Gateway should be used with our W920 Series Wireless Management Host or Information Publisher, and our Wireless Calling System.

Complete system: W810-G1 + W920 Series + Wireless Calling System

Note: W810-G1 + W920 Series are on Presale.



W810-G1 Detector Gateway 




1. Integrate the wireless pagers with the wireless management host or with the information publisher to set a calling system network

2. Transfer the wireless signal to wired signal to achieve long working distance

3. Digital smart encode


Technical specification

Model number: W810-G1                   Dimension: 220*135*48mm

Working voltage: 12V DC                   Frequency: 433/315Mhz±75k   

Working Current: ≤500mA                   Sensitivity: -106dBm




W810-G1 Detector Gateway is widely used in restaurant, kitchen, drink bar, cake shop, counter desk, hospital, clinic, helathcare center, elderly center, office, factory, building, etc.