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Presale Calling System Receiver Wireless To Wired Publisher

Wireless information publisher, need to work with screen, such as TV.

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Presale Calling System Receiver Wireless To Wired Infomation Publisher


W920 Series Wireless Management Host or Information Publisher should be used with our W810-G1 Detector Gateway , and our Wireless Calling System.

Complete system: W810-G1 + W920 Series + Wireless Calling System

Note: W810-G1 + W920 Series are on Presale.



W920-S1 Wireless Information Publisher



Note: W920-S1 Wireless Information Publisher should be work with screen, such as TV.



1. Support for external wired/wireless mouse keyboard

2. Support for external 32 inch / 42 inch LCD display screen

3. Support for setting the background color

4. Support Chinese and English voice announcement

5. Customize Chinese and English calling information

6. Customize calling content and status

7. Service quality assessment

8. Real-time monitoring of calling equipment, calling information review

9. Perform information operations on all detector gateways, receivers, and pagers


Technical specification

Model number: W920-S1                  Dimension: 90*90*16mm

Working voltage: 5V DC                    Working Current:2mA 

Memory: DDR 1GB                                     Built-in memory: EMMC 8G

Operating system: Android 4.4.4 system



Power socket

DC 5V/2A

Network port

Standard RJ-45, external network

USB2.0 connector

External mouse keyboard

HDMI interface

External display screen

Audio output

Standard headphone port, external voice box, broadcast voice

TF card jack

External inserting TF card,maximum 32GB




W920-S1 Wireless Information Publisher is widely used in restaurant, kitchen, drink bar, cake shop, counter desk, hospital, clinic, helathcare center, elderly center, office, factory, building, etc.